Stop and Veto Bill S.386!

December, 2020

Stop and Veto S.386!

After a year of dramatic COVID-19 job losses, when 26 Millions of Americans are unemployed and catastrophic decrease in Job Growth is upon millions of American workers and their families, America doesn’t need more Indian H-1Bs, and it doesn’t need to clear a green card “backlog.”

What America needs is fewer green cards and no work visas, freeze on any immigration across the board, and a focus on uplifting actual hurting Americans!


American Workers – CONNECT AND UNITE AND RADIATE a shining example of UNITY TO THE WORLD!  Call your Representative and  request Him/Her to STOP and VETO S.386!  Call USCIS and the White House!

White House Phone Number:  
 (202) 456-1111 

Contact the White House directly:

USCIS email Address:  

US Representatives:
US Senators:

Please use Example below to Call AND
E-mail your Representative:

Hello Representative,

  I am an American Worker and I demand Bill S.386 to be Stopped and Vetoed!  I do NOT support Bill S.386, because it harms American Workers and American Graduates!  This Bill is anti-diversity, anti-women, anti-minority, and against the middle class of America. I want to emphasize that S.386 is a bad bill for All American Jobs and the Representative should STOP and VETO it! 

  Current Health and Economic Crisis is no time to employ Foreign workers! During these colossal job losses caused by Covid19 virus, Corporations SHOULD NOT be utilizing Foreign workers. I demand  USCIS suspends renewals and rescinds existing H-1B, OPT, L1, J1 and H4EAD visas to open up Corporate jobs for 26 Millions of unemployed Americans!   Americans are suffering through the worst job market in our nation’s history and desperately need these jobs!

   For Americans to lead in this data-driven way of life and to prevent American Professional Jobs from being outsourced, we MUST migrate the control and ownership of All American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American!  American Data is a  Foundation of the American jobs! Data of the American Citizens should be handled by the American citizens and stored on  American soil! Don’t export American Data Overseas!!!

   President Donald Trump, US Senators and  Representatives must UNITE with American Workers and Veto Bill S.386,  TERMINATE H-1B, L1, J, OPT,  and H4EAD Foreign visa workers programs; and introduce American Data Locality laws –  TO OPEN UP JOBS  FOR unemployed American Professionals and Graduates!   America needs to reopen and American Workers and Graduates need these jobs the most!

 Thank you!

We are ALL CALLING OUR SENATORS  AND REPRESENTATIVES, USCIS and the WHITE HOUSE!  Every American is REQUIRED TO CALL!  Your Parents, your School and College Friends,  your Siblings,  and Grandparents – they ALL SHOULD CALL AND EMAIL!   

Please spread the word to American Students and Universities,  other GROUPS,  COMMUNITIES AND COUNTRIES!  Every Country Should know  – BECAUSE EVERY COUNTRY WILL BE AFFECTED!THESE ARE OUR JOBS AND JOBS FOR OUR KIDS! 

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