White-Collar Workers of America

Protecting the Interests of U.S. Workers

We are American graduates and professionals that oppose H-1B, L1, J1, OPT and H4EAD Foreign visas. Our Grassroots Group ‘White-Collar Workers of America’ on Facebook and Twitter encouraged and helped President Donald Trump to overcome internal opposition to his July 22 executive order and to block the inflow of new H-1B visa workers until late 2020.

We helped to win the new curbs by lobbying legislators, and by making our views clear via emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, via articles, comments and phone calls. Our stories and activism put a human face on the many polls that show that Americans firmly oppose massive immigration and any kind of foreign labor; and strongly prefer that All American Jobs belong to Americans ONLY!

Big Win! Strong Group!

What We Do:

  • We Educate American workers about the harmful effects of H-1B, OPT, L1, J1, and H4Ead visas
  • We Call and email the White House, USCIS, US Senators and Representatives
  • We constantly look for new Group Members and Warriors to join Our Fight
  • We support Unmatched American Doctors and fight for their rightful place in the American Residences

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Our Alliance

Our group ‘White-Collar Workers of America’ constantly works in sync and unity with our Alliance and very proud to have these Champions on OUR SIDE:
USTechWorkers.com and Kevin Lynn
ProtectUSwokers.com and Dawn Collins
– Center For Immigration Studies, cis.org with Mark Krikorian and Jessica Vaughan
– Progressives For Immigration Reform, ProgressivesForImmigrationReform.org
– Niel Munro and John Binder, Breitbart News
– Ron Hira, Howard University
– Joe Guzzardi, Medium, Huff Post, The Cugle Post
– Sara Blackwell, Immigration Attorney
– CT Tech Workers Coalition
– American Workers Coalition, Hilarie Gramm @AmWorkCo
– Pedro Gonzalez,  American Greatness amgreatness.com
FairUS.org, Daniel Stein
– Save Jobs USA and https://www.AmericanImmigrationCouncil.org
– John Miano with Michelle Malkin, Book ‘Sold Out’
–  Programmers Guild: http://www.programmersguild.org

We WELCOME all new members that have joined our group recently!   And We are asking all our group members to constantly discuss OUR CAUSE with your friends and family,  publicly on different Social Platforms and in the Media at least 3 times a week!   We need CONSTANT COVERAGE of The White Collar Workers Genocide done by Corporations using Foreign H-1b, L1 and  OPT Visa Workers! 

Please help us spread our message to wide audiences and bring in new members and supporters!  Our existing ALLIANCE is already doing it!  Thank you!