Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Announce Indian American Agenda While Denying Black Voters A Black Agenda

So I am browsing Facebook, and all of a sudden I see this NEW amazing Anti H-1B video on “I am Brooklynite For Life! (Brooklyn NY)” Facebook group! If you are Anti H-1B and Pro American Worker – this video is a MUST WATCH!

“The Democratic Party has consistently ignored Black voter’s cry for reparations and a black agenda while prioritizing other groups above them. And the ignoring of black voters has continued with the announcement of the Democrats fist ever exclusive policy bill for Indian American.” – TD Hip Hop Media.

“I am Brooklynite For Life! (Brooklyn NY)” is a very big Facebook group and has more than 70,000 group members!

Unfortunately, the feedback that this post and this video got is very unsupportive… Most people literally don’t believe it!!! But Yes, Everything said in this video is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Our group – White-Collar Workers of America, fights this injustice and distributes similar kind of information to attract supporters and participants. Message in the attached video is very Accurate and Important!

Very Big Thank you to the creator of this video – TD Hip Hop Media! And Big respect for your 43,500 subscribers and listeners!