H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 21, 2020

We are now in week 4 of the Bodyshop Report! Since last week we have added fifty more bodyshops to the list, bringing the total to one hundred fifty. There have been significant changes in the top ten. Gone are Prokarma, Reliable Software Resources, Marlabs, Tanisha Systems, NIC InfoTek, ValueLabs, and Saxon Global. That means we have seven new bodyshops ranked in the top ten to talk about, so let’s get started with:

10. Intelliswift

This Silicon Valley shop earns the last spot in the top ten on the strength of 52 one star reviews and 310 recruiters, including 5 bench sales and 14 US IT recruiters. Reviewers complained of paychecks held for 2 months, being charged for visas, and benching with no pay.

9. Synechron

In the ninth spot we have New York based Synechron Inc. Synechron has 263 one star reviews on Glassdoor and 157 recruiters according to LinkedIn. Employees complained of sexual harassment cases, firing of benched employees, low pay ($30k to live in New York City?), and only two clients (Bank of America and Wells Fargo).

8. SoftNice

Coming in eighth is Pennsylvania headquartered SoftNice, Inc., with offices in New Jersey, Texas, and Hyderabad. SoftNice has a whopping 28 bench sales recruiters, the most of any bodyshop on our list. SoftNice uses proxy interviewers so unqualified employees with fake resumes don’t have to worry. This practice has led to clients blacklisting SoftNice. SoftNice also solicits money from employees to file their H1Bs and pockets the money instead of filing for the H1B. OPT employees are benched for years in guesthouses where all you get is a mattress. SoftNice does not pay OPT workers.

7. UST Global

Coming in seventh is another California bodyshop. UST Global scored high in one star reviews (315) and recruiters (156). UST Global has been audited by the DOJ and ordered to pay millions in back wages. UST bills clients $200/hr and pays the employee $50/hr travel reimbursement to evade taxes. UST abuses B1 visas to perform work lasting longer than 6 months.

6. Mindtree Limited

New Jersey is home to our number six bodyshop of the week. An Indian multinational with headquarters in Bangalore and New Jersey, Mindtree was acquired by Mumbai company Larsen & Toubro via hostile takeover in 2019. Mindtree scored high on one star reviews (318) and recruiters (153). Employee reviews complain of racism and low pay.

4. Syntel, Inc.

Troy, Michigan is where we find our #4 ranked bodyshop. Syntel Inc. had the most one star reviews (421) of any bodyshop we have seen so far. Quitting your job at Syntel will cost you half your salary no matter how many years of employment. One employee says on Glassdoor:

All I can say is after the reverse merger with Syntel this has become another body shop company where there is no value for employees

“Bad Company After Merger”

Another review complains of working long hours for low pay:

6. No work life management. Especially because of some projects you will forget saturday’s and sundays were supposed to be holidays.

7. They say 45 hours a week and make you work 15 hours a day.

8. If you are in Onsite, you may need to work 24 hours a day.

“Bad Company to Work with”

Finally, we have our #1 worst bodyshop of the week, for which we’ll go back to (where else?) New Jersey and take a look at:

1. Compunnel Software Group

This bodyshop had the most recruiters of them all with 383 total recruiters according to LinkedIn. 164 of those recruiters are located in India, and all of the recruiters studied at schools in India (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Group, Goa University, Kendriya Vidyalala, Punjab Technical, Delhi University, JNTUH Hyderabad, Annamalai University, Chaudary University, Osmania University, Jawaharlal University, et al.). I could not find a single American employee after several minutes of scrolling in LinkedIn. For this blatant 100% discriminatory hiring Compunnel appears to be well deserving of its place atop our list.

Click here to see the full report for week 4 in Google Sheets including analytics, mapping, and top ten lists by state. Thanks for reading and stay tuned again next week for another update of the Bodyshop Report!