Green Card Lottery visa holders, similar to H-1B,  L1,  J1, OPT, or H4EAD visa holders, all need American jobs when they get here!

Green Card Lottery visa holders, as well as H-1B, L1,  J1, OPT, H4EAD visa holders, are all here to take American middle-class jobs.  They don’t create any jobs,  they take away existing jobs from middle-class Americans. They take away good paying American jobs almost immediately upon their arrival, their broken English and questionable education doesn’t bother Corporate America. Americans are left jobless and unemployed.

“USCIS granted lawful permanent residence to nearly 577,000 individuals and in FY 2019.” America has 40 Million unemployed because of the COVID-19, guess how many jobs 577,000 Green Card Lottery winners are going to need to start living the American Dream to the fullest?

The only reason why India was never eligible for the Green Card Lottery, is because in order to qualify for the Diversity Visa, you must have been born in a country that sent less than 50,000 immigrants to the United States over the past 5 years. India sends millions and millions of immigrants, therefore was NEVER included.

Obama-Appointed Judge Reopens ‘Visa Lottery’ During Coronavirus Crisis

“United States District Court Judge Amit Mehta issued a ruling last week that reopens the Visa Lottery program to deliver potentially 43,000 visas to randomly selected foreign nationals around the world.

Mehta, while upholding President Trump’s suspension of foreign visa workers into the U.S. labor market, ruled that the president does not have the authority to temporarily halt the Visa Lottery program.

The Visa Lottery randomly gives out about 55,000 visas every year to foreign nationals from a multitude of countries — such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Yemen, and Uzbekistan — with minimal security checks.”

Obama-Appointed Judge Reopens ‘Visa Lottery’ During Coronavirus Crisis, by John Binder.

“U.S. banks and tech firms have no need of H1B Visa talent”

Why, then, do banks and tech firms like to hire-in developers, quants and data specialists from overseas? Salzman says it’s all about labor arbitrage and that the U.S. government shouldn’t be supporting this. “H1B is the government reaching its hand into the pockets of tech workers (those lucky enough to get a job) and handing out the money it grabs to the tech companies’ executives and shareholders,” he claims, echoing other supporters of the ban.

If banks and technology firms really need specialist talent from overseas following the H1B ban, Salzman says they can still hire it using things like the O-1 Visa for outstanding talent which has fewer constraints than the H1B. They could also recruit some of PhD students who leave U.S. universities each year, only half of whom Salzman says are in “career jobs.” 

“Are we to believe the talent these companies are looking for is so extraordinarily rare and greater than doctoral scientists? Or engineers?” says Salzman. “I’d like a cheaper iphone but, so far, the government hasn’t created a program to lower the cost, say by using some of Apple’s astronomical profit (on which they pay close to zero taxes via the double Dutch),” he adds.  

“U.S. banks and tech firms have no need of H1B Visa talent,” by Sarah Butcher