H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 7, 2020

Welcome to Week 2 of the Bodyshop Report! Since last week we have added thirty new bodyshops to the list, bringing the total to fifty. There have been significant changes to the top 10. Marlabs slides down from first to fifth place, and seven new bodyshops have joined the top ten: Technosoft (2), Prokarma (3), Reliable Software Resources (4), Saxon Global (6), Intone (8), and IntraEdge (10). This also means we have a new first place bodyshop:

Miracle Software Systems crashes into the list with the top score in two different categories. Their 157 recruiters and 33 U.S. IT recruiters (aka “night shift” recruiters) both set new benchmarks. Searching their US IT recruiters on LinkedIn, one notices none of the profiles have pictures. Why is that? Could it be they are working graveyard shifts in Hyderabad, cold calling prospects and pretending to be in Detroit? Are they hiding because they’re embarrassed about calling the same person ten times in one day, as they are trained to do?

Now let’s look at their reviews. Glassdoor has 73 one star reviews of Miracle Software Systems and an average of 3.4 stars. From the reviews we can see Miracle is cramming workers in guesthouses and pimping them out to Detroit automakers.

If that sounds bad the offshore worker reviews are even worse, complaining of lack of coffee machines and being benched upon arrival. New hires are forced to pay to open a bank account and have to pay to attend company picnics. The cafeteria food made from flies and bugs sounds less than appealing. New hires have to sign a “bond” forcing them to work at Miracle for 3 years and provide 6 months’ notice to resign.

Also there is this strange picture on Glassdoor captioned as “hostel for employees.” At first I thought the tent in the foreground was the “hostel” but it’s not, the white building behind it is the dormitory where “freshers” work. Ironically the facility is called “Miracle City” despite consisting of a single building in the middle of a forest. Where is the rest of the “city”?

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this week’s bodyshop report. Tune in again next week to see who will be #1 – can Miracle Soft hold onto the crown or will they be replaced by an even worse company?

H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 7, 2020