11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston VA – Virginia Central for H-1B, Offshore Outsourcing, and Political Action Committees displacing American workers?

And Is US India Political Action Committee’s Sanjay K Puri A Key Figure Behind The Scenes?

(image from USINPAC website; Sanjay K Puri is second from left)

Virginia has over 280 H-1B dependent employers (‘Bodyshops’), nearly 10% of those are in Reston, Virginia. Many of Virginia’s H-1B dependent employers are an hour or less from Washington DC.

Download Google doc of Virginia’s H-1B dependent employers spreadsheet and Reston’s H-1B dependent employers spreadsheet.

38 of Virginia’s H-1B Bodyshops appear on The Misfortune 500 worst H-1B Bodyshop Report, three of which are in Reston.

Three of Reston’s H-1B dependent employers are located in the same building at 11490 Commerce Park Drive, along with at least 1 H-1B non-dependent employer (Technology Solutions Provider, supplied H-1B to Small Business Administration in 2020, received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan), ACEL360 Federal contractors’ business accelerator, the US India Political Action Committee, Alliance for US India Business, India automotive incubator Autonebula, and Kaloupi It Services. More on these last five further down.

Reston’s H-1B dependent employers (other than 11490 Commerce Park Drive):

Apptad Inc; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Ark Solutions Inc; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Cybertec Inc

Dataintel Inc

Enterprise Consulting Partners Inc

Excelacom Inc; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Harpro Tech Inc

hCentive Inc; ranked 395th on The Misfortune 500

ICG Services Lc

Inceptron Group Inc

JP Venture Group Inc; filed 0 H-1B LCA past 3 years; another source lists as government contractor with Ashburn, VA address and Prakash Ashpalia as contact person; found similar situation for several others listed here.

Kaarye Technologies Inc

Multivision Llc

Nortech North America Inc; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Openet Telecom Inc; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Orchid Solutions Inc

Paragon Systems Llc

Pav IT Global Inc

Shark Sys Inc

Ventera Corporation; ranked 305th on The Misfortune 500; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Vinsys Information Technology Inc; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Vistronix Inc

While not currently H-1B dependent, Revature Llc ranked 382nd on The Misfortune 500

11490 Commerce Park Drive Reston’s H-1B dependent employers:

Ace Info Solutions Inc

Law Offices Of Rakesh Mehrotra; received Coronavirus Bailout PPP loan

Optimos Incorporated; founded, later sold by Sanjay K Puri (see below).

This is where it gets interesting:

Sanjay K Puri is a particularly energetic individual at displacing American workers with H-1B, offshore outsourcing, trade groups, and political lobbying; primary reason why this post is focusing on 11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston VA.

Due to proximity to Washington DC, Optimos products, ACEL360 mission, etc, appears Sanjay K Puri’s primary targets are Federal government contractors.

(image from ACEL360 – wonder how many H-1B dependent employers and/or displaced American Workers ACEL360 Is responsible for?)

Autonebula is an India based automotive investment company. Offices in Pune, Bangalore India, and 11490 Commerce Park Dr. Sanjay K Puri is listed as chairman.

ACEL360 does not mention that Sanjay K Puri is also the treasurer of US India Political Action Committee and contributed to: Pennsylvania’s Congressman Matt Cartwright 2020 and former Congressman Lou Barletta 2018, 2016; Indiana’s former Congressman Todd Rokita (now Indiana Attorney General) 2018; Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Pennsylvania’s Katie McGinty 2016.

Prior years recipients include James M Inhofe,Tulsi Gabbard, Chuck Grassley, Mike Pence, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham.

(image from http://www.opensecrets.org)

In addition to Reston VA, Kaloupi It Services has a Pune India address where Sanjay K Puri is a director. Possible gray area of foreign company director (and chairman of another foreign company) contributing (as a PAC treasurer) to Federal election campaigns?

As noted above, Sanjay K Puri is founder, president, and CEO of trade association Alliance for US India Business, which also has a Pune India address.

Is 11490 Commerce Park Drive, Reston VA – and in particular Sanjay K Puri – a typical example of how intertwined H-1B dependent employers, India outsourcing political action committees, trade associations, India software shops, and U.S. Congresspeople are?

As a final note, will/has Sanjay K Puri (via US India Political Action Committee) attempt to influence Biden-Harris Administration with its Transition Screening Committee?

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