H1B Bodyshop Report – Oct 22, 2020

Hello and welcome to another week of the Bodyshop Report! We are in Week 9 with two more weeks remaining before we hit our goal of 500 companies scored and ranked for the #Misfortune500. This week we have another WITCH to put on trial along with smaller companies that are pure concentrated evil.

Up until now we have been focusing primarily on the bodyshops that directly hire H1Bs. However, there is another type of bodyshopping entity that deserves our attention. These are the middle vendor aka “layer” companies that operate in the shadows of the bodyshop industry. These IT mafia gangsters all want a taste of the lucrative bodyshop trade. Most of the companies reviewed below fall into this category.

Kumar Exclusive exposes illegal “layer” companies

398. Q1 Technologies / Tech Vega – Aurora, IL; Noida

CEO Krishna Bansal ran as a Republican for Congress (lost in primary). Member of Naperville Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Naperville Indian Community Outreach that puts on an annual India Day event. Cryptic one star review of Q1 Tech mentions “A couple of the ladies are nice” which seems even more questionable juxtaposed with this review. Several reviews mention low pay and mismanagement. Maybe he would have better luck running as a Democrat?

Krishna Bansal

387. Dots Technologies – Piscataway, NJ; Mumbai

Illegal layer company using 4-5 layers. Joined lawsuit against DOL over H1B wage levels.

345. Themesoft Inc – Plano, TX; Chennai

Layer company for HCL. Questions about constantly changing “office girls“. On the plus side, their slaves get free dinner! Where do I sign up?

340. InfiCare Technologies – Dulles, VA; Noida

Layer for HCL America. Employees must work until midnight (unsafe for female employees). “Confession room” used to fire employees at a whim. Offshore development center is in the same city as HCL’s company headquarters (Noida).

311. Dataserv – Nashua, NH

Illegal layer company for Wipro. Shares the same address as Deebecon.

256. Cynet Systems – Ashburn, VA; Noida

Illegal layer company for HCL (office is a stone’s throw away in Noida). Google sources labor through HCL, which uses this company as one of two illegal layers. Night shift recruiters have a quota of 90 calls per day, and face punishments if they miss their quota.

I have some serious questions for Google about what is going on with their hiring managers and HCL. What gives, Sundar Pichai?

225. Clairvoyant Technosolutions – Wilmington, DE; Chennai

Illegal layer company. 2-3 illegal layers are typical. Doesn’t pay benched workers.

114. KRG Technologies – Valencia, CA; Chennai

This is another one of the VoIP shops that do everything based out of India with minimal presence in the US. One hundred night shift recruiters harass candidates from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. in broken English.

109. Cyient, Inc – East Hartford, CT; Hyderabad

Along with HCL, Cyient was blamed for 737 MAX faults. Managers in Noida are verbally and technically illiterate. Enjoys monopoly on mechanical engineering in Hyderabad due to political connections. Sexual harassment and discrimination against women. Illegal practices and stealing jobs from workers in Australia. Facilities issues at Florida office are not addressed.

45. Plato Technologies

This company was featured in last week’s bodyshop report, however new information has surfaced that they are being used by #7 Infosys as a middle vendor. If the WITCH companies are angry about wage levels, perhaps they might want to examine the legality of their practice of using layers of subcontractors.

35. Diverse Lynx – Princeton, NJ; Noida

TCS layer company bypasses other layers. After hoovering resumes, sends candidates out on wild goose chases to interviews that don’t exist. These night shift scammers are some truly sick individuals.

What Diverse Lynx Employees Are Saying

Don’t trust them!!!! Be warned

I was scheduled for an interview a month ago at a prestigious company and I got soo excited because the job description matched very good with what I was looking for
A day before the interview, I called them but there was no response. I decided to drive for an hour for the interview which they had scheduled for me and sent an email of where to go. I went to the company and at the reception, I said I had an interview, and they were, What??? We are not conducting interviews!!!! The receptionist made calls to various departments and confirmed there was no interviews which were being conducted that day. I tried calling the agency but no response. After calling for several times, someone answered and when I told her/ him about the interview, she disconnected the phone and never answered again. I went home very upset!!!!

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Philly IT Professional

Contacted by a “recruiter” (note the quotes). Send me your resume…how much do you want, the normal run around but this son of a ***** tells me after me having to hound him that he wants to schedule an interview. The days that he spoke of for the interview came and left. Several emails and phone calls and still no response.

Of working in IT for 15 years, this is by far the worst company ever.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Drove two days from Chicago to San Antonio for a scam interview for the following: Jr Programmer Analyst – Freshers Needed. Total Scam! No one there. Address was for a Medical Supply Co. in a industrial park near San Antonio Airport. Deserted on a Saturday morning. Glad I wasn’t hit over the head and robbed.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

22. Spectraforce – Raleigh, NC; Hyderabad

Recruiters are rude and don’t speak English. Calls candidates 19 times in 12 hours. Layer company for Wipro. Once fired 60 people in two days.

What Spectraforce Employees Are Saying

Don’t even work there yet and I don’t want to work for them

They will call you 19 times in 1 day about the same job making you want to tell them no.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Former Employee – Manager in Hyderābād

Running the business like an annoyed aunty in the kitchen. Kept all puppets to only make things worse for people who joins to make a change for themselves and the org. Dont join this circus.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Former Employee – Senior Recruiter in Hyderābād

if you want to see hell please join here at your own risk

Torture awaits you do not join here

Rating: 1 out of 5.

9. US Tech Solutions – Jersey City, NJ; Noida; Hyderabad

Has revolving door with Kelly Services Hoovers and spams resumes and gives every appearance of being a banking and identity theft scam. Hundreds of recruiters harass nonstop and butcher the English language. Hires Americans but the experience is so bizarre that American professionals memory hole US Tech Solutions from their work history.

8. VDart Inc. – Alpharetta, GA; Trichy

Layer company for HCL. Large number of recruiters (819) and night shift recruiters (35) lands them in our top 10.

4. IDC Technologies – Milpitas, CA; Hyderabad; Bangalore

This mega fraud factory somehow managed to land in our top 5 thanks to their large number of recruiters (1414) and night shift vampires (80), among other factors. IDC Tech is a layer company for TCS and Wipro. Their scams include identity theft and credit card fraud (see below). IDC fired 40 employees in one day. Their UK office staff can barely speak English. IDC’s Bangalore office is unsafe for female employees due to their mattress / casting couch situation (see below).

With any luck, years from now we will probably read a DOJ press release announcing the CEO was busted for his role in this $45 million fraud scheme.

What IDC Employees Are Saying

Lead Developer in Houston, TX

Yeah 1 month contract shipping out to Texas was great……..

…. AND THEN, someone at the company stole my identity and ruined my credit. Yay outsourcing. Good job America

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Former Employee – Consultant

This is just an India-based resume mining firm. They scrape resumes from job boards such as Glassdoor and Monster and then call everyone that has one tiny matching keyword with no understanding of or regard to context, no matter how remote, for any location with total disregard to relocation capability. Then, once you sign on with them, they NEVER answer the phone. Your contact at the firm will never return your call and many change their cell phone numbers. Nobody answers the main number; it always goes to voicemail. They do absolutely nothing.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Consultant in Bangalore

This is the place where open girls will get high package with top designation will good facilities from top management. People who has an experience in pampering your manager / higher official, you will be recognized easily and get positions quickly 😛

Rating: 1 out of 5.

1. HCL Americas, Inc. – Sunnyvale, CA; Noida

HCL Americas is our #1 company this week, thanks to coming in first in one star reviews (960) and fifth in recruiters (864), as well as checking the boxes in almost all of our other scoring categories.

HCL Americas’ parent company (HCL Technologies Limited) is the 6th largest Indian IT company according to NASSCOM. They have been around since 1976 when Hindustan Computers Limited was created as a personal computer manufacturer. They have a long history which I’m not going to bore you with, but their Wikipedia does contain this interesting snippet in the “Criticisms” section:

HCL has been involved in criticism and litigation involving the H-1B visa program to replace U.S. workers with cheaper foreign labour, including the Disney collusion lawsuit, and the heavily reported case of replacing University of California’s San Francisco Medical Center IT workers.

HCL Technologies – Wikipedia

The Disney collusion lawsuit occurred in 2016 when former Disney employees sued Disney, HCL and Cognizant for collaborating to replace American workers with foreign workers. Leo Perrero testified before Congress about being forced to train his replacements and lied to about future jobs that didn’t exist, then going on unemployment and being unable to pay bills or buy Christmas presents for his family. At the end of this video, he says lawmakers “continue to evade the topic and take no action”.

I’m not going to go into all of the HCL outsourcing cases, but I do want to mention HCL’s history with Boeing. HCL was implicated by Bloomberg and the New York Times in 2019 for its role in two Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashes that killed 346 passengers. It was reported that rows of HCL contractors earning $9 an hour worked at the Boeing Seattle office, causing Boeing engineers to complain of inefficiency caused by extensive review and rework. An HCL employee bragged about providing a quick workaround to a production issue to avoid holding up flight testing. Boeing has lost $27 billion since this disaster occurred, prompting criticism of their practice of using cheaper engineers.

“Provided quick workaround to resolve production issue which resulted in not delaying flight test of 737-Max (delay in each flight test will cost very big amount for Boeing).”

HCL employee

This is not the first time HCL has caused trouble for Boeing. In 2012 Forbes ran an article titled “Can Boeing contain the Dreamliner’s technical glitches?” In this article we learn of a flight to Newark where the pilot had to make an emergency landing in New Orleans. Tragedy was averted thanks to redundancies, the plane was able to land with half its electrical generators working. Software engineers warned about bugs in the electrical system (ES) in 2009. Who wrote the software for the ES system? Take a guess.

This source told me that the software that controls the ES was developed by HCL Technologies — a $2 billion (2008 revenues) Indian software company that worked with Boeing and its partners on the 787 and won Boeing’s Gold Performance Excellence Award in February 2009. He spoke with colleagues at United Technologies (UTX) division — Hamilton Sundstrand (HS) — which was the ES’s primary contractor.

His ES colleagues told him that the Designated Engineering Representative (DER) — a SWAT team of top engineers that tests aircraft software against rigorous standards — and the FAA refused to certify the work HCL did and told HS to start over — without HCL. Several of my source’s colleagues joined HS at the end of 2008 in an effort to rewrite the software.

My source says the HCL was chosen for the software in response to Boeing’s order that its suppliers outsource at least 25 percent of the work to overseas sub-contractors. The failure of the ES on that flight to Newark makes me wonder whether there is still a bug in the ES software.

Finally, let’s look at HCL and Xerox. In 2011, Xerox told 600 employees their jobs were being transferred to HCL. In 2019, Xerox announced 4,500 layoffs while simultaneously extending their multibillion dollar outsourcing agreement with HCL. In January of this year, 37 employees were laid off by HCL. Only 200 non union employees are left in Webster. So a once thriving campus is now a ghost town, thanks to HCL and Xerox.

Kumar Exclusive shows aftermath of Xerox outsourcing

Whew. That’s it for this week guys. Next week we’ll have the final WITCH for you just in time for Halloween. You can see all of our data here. Thanks for shopping with the Bodyshop Report!