H1B Bodyshop Report – Oct 8, 2020

We are now in Week 7 as the Bodyshop Report rolls on. So far we have collected 300 bodyshops for our list. At the current rate, we will hit our target of 500 in four more weeks, just in time for the presidential election on Nov. 7th. As is our stated goal, we want to keep the issue of H1B abuse front and center during the election season. The media clearly wants to prevent H1B issues from influencing the election as seen in the presidential debates, immigration was excluded as a topic in the first debate.

This week we have added two more of everyone’s favorite top 5 “WITCH” companies. We will examine both along with other assorted small bodyshops. Let’s go!

300. Dhrishticon Inc.

195. Shubh Solutions LLC

In last place we have Dhrishticon, located in the Silicon Valley town of Fremont, CA. Fremont is very popular with bodyshops; there are ninety in Fremont by my count. Even though Dhrishticon has the lowest score of any shop on the list, we can clearly see this company is not a place where anyone would want to work.

To people in their trap, inside and outside, i am sorry for your stress. I hope you are soon able to come out of this company. This company is there only because people are in need of technology jobs and this company makes money off the backs of poor consultants. They shamelessly take most of your salary and pretend to be doing a favor on you. I keep thinking if the government makes bank robbery legal, the CEO would be the first to try and rob and he will still try show that he is doing a favor on the bank.

Former Employee – Java Developer in Fremont, CA

268. Mintex Tech, Inc.

Mintex charges $12,000 for H1B visas and hires illegal aliens. Is anyone surprised this bodyshop is from Edison, New Jersey?

Never every recommend to go with them. President and his friend named Bhagvat was biggest fraud. They were asking me $12000 for getting H1B from student Visa. I refused to do so and wanted my study complete. They want me to leave study and forced me to work with them on some other business instead of IT. I went to them for training and they put me in trouble. Never go to them specially AMIT & Bhagvat FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD…They hired illegal people in the firm as well.

223. Dextro Software Systems Inc.

Benches workers in guesthouse in Princeton, NJ. Recruiters use fake names like “Kathy Smith”. Holds visa paperwork hostage to use as leverage over employees. CEO allegedly stole money and used it to establish Dextro and another shell company.

They hold H-1B papers and give only when you agree in writing to work for three years or more.

Otherwise this company does not give H-1B papers.

Reader review of Dextro

211. Vortalsoft Inc.

With review titles like “Fake Company” and “Cannot place an eskimo on an iceberg” this New Jersey bodyshop manages to be both evil and incompetent at the same time.

173. Maganti IT Resources LLC

This company gets kickbacks from fake universities as part of their CPT scam.

Maganti IT Resources is one of the consulting firms who never able to get you a single job interview or job. In the starting they will say that they will file your H1 and will market you. But they will not even provide you an offer letter for CPT application in the University. How they are going to file you H1…so funny, right. If you are on student visa than they will ask you to take transfer to one black listed university because they are getting commission through that university. Owner of this company will never talk to you. You always end up talking with so call recruiters Arpit, Urja and Teena, who even does not know anything about marketing. These recruiters will send you 10 to 15 requirements every day and you have to forward your resume to these requirements but you will never get a single call from any of the requirements. Because all these requirements are fake. They just act as if they are marketing you but they do not have even a single vendor to place you. And when you will get job by yourself they will take the same commission and even will not pay you on time.

127. Corp2Corp Inc.

Corp2Corp or “C2C” means there is an agreement between business entities, i.e. two or more IT staffing agencies or layer companies. As one would expect a New Jersey company named after such a model is not going to garner rave reviews from the bodies they are horse trading.

Unprofessional Management. Never pay salary on time . All projects that they file H1B’s are fake and non-existing and hence most of their H1B filings are denied by USCIS . The marketing team based in Hyderabad,India , involves in preparing fake resumes mentioning 7-8yrs experience and also photo-shops visa copies to manipulate dates. 98% of their interview calls are handled by proxies and hence when the candidate goes to client place is sent back in a day or two finding them to be fake. They only talk good until you join the company and after that they never even pay agreed salary and the owner of the company Eswar Dommieti also never responds to your calls and talks very rudely and uses foul language if asked to release the due payment or harasses you of withdrawing your H1B visa status .

Former Contractor – QA Analyst in New York, NY

3. Infosys Limited

Our 3rd ranked bodyshop has a big event coming in a few days. On Oct 11, 1,300 Vanguard jobs will transition to Infosys. The expectation is most if not all of these jobs will eventually be outsourced. Infosys has 240,000 employees, 90% of which are located in India. Infosys thinks Americans are stupid. With an attitude like that I’m inclined to think they deserve their 59% H1B petition rejection rate.

Infosys racked up an impressive 279 one star reviews in Glassdoor to go along with their 799 recruiters. 1,450 reviews mentioned low salary. Associate software engineers make an average of $56,000 at Infosys according to Payscale. Somehow we never hear about these salaries in the pro-business articles that say H1Bs make more than American workers.

H1B Visa SponsorAverage Salary
Cognizant Technology Solutions$86,456
Tata Consultancy Services$86,453
Source: myvisajobs.com

1. Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS)

This American multinational started as Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software (DBSS) before becoming what is now known as Cognizant Technology Solutions in 1996. Many, many acquisitions later, Cognizant now has 280,000 employees, 150,000 of which are in India. Cognizant is the #1 sponsor of H1B visas according to MyVisaJobs with 28,526 Labor Condition Applications (LCA). Cognizant also has one of the highest rejection rates at 52% of H1B petitions rejected.

In 2019, Cognizant became the focus of disturbing articles in The Verge investigating working conditions of content moderators in Tampa and Phoenix. Cognizant paid workers salaries as low as $28,000 or $15/hour to review disturbing Facebook content which led to mental health issues and one employee death.

Cognizant’s first place score on our list was made possible by 140 one star reviews and 1,237 recruiters, the most of any company we have ranked so far. Most of Cognizant’s recruiters are located in India in places like Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they aren’t calling Americans with job offers from these places.

295United States
75New York
Cognizant recruiter locations (Source: LinkedIn)

Finally, there are rumors involving Cognizant selling EB-1 client letters for $15,000 to $30,000. Time for another ICE raid?

That’s it for this week, make sure to tune in again next week to read about more bodyshops big and small. For more data and insights check out this week’s report in Google Sheets.