H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 28, 2020

Welcome to the Week 5 edition of the Bodyshop Report! We have 200 bodyshops on the list and are almost halfway to the “Misfortune 500.” Since last week there have been a few changes in the top 10. UST Global, Softnice, Synechron, and Intelliswift have fallen out of the top 10 and we have four new bodyshops to tell you about.

9. Xoriant

Our first bodyshop of the week hails from the ever popular Edison, NJ. Xoriant Corporation earned their ninth place ranking courtesy of 81 one star reviews on Glassdoor and 201 recruiters according to LinkedIn. On Goolti.com, Xoriant is accused of discriminating against other Indians based on geographic region.

What People Are Saying

“This is not product base company, this Indian consultant firm. 100% body shopping.”

— Former Employee – Software engineer

“I was placed at Ford and all you are is a body. Your ideas don’t matter and you are basically a cheap labor.”

— Former Employee – Dearborn, MI

4. Virtusa

For our next bodyshop we travel to Massachusetts which is where we find the headquarters of Virtusa Corporation. This bodyshop crushed the review category with 395 one star reviews, to go along with their 146 recruiters. Virtusa was founded in Sri Lanka in 1996 and grew to a 20,000 employee company with delivery offices in Hyderabad and Chennai after a string of mergers and acquisitions.

“Body Shop”

Former employee – Vice President at Virtusa

2. Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Once again here we are in Edison, NJ with another bodyshop. This time it’s the sixth largest Indian IT services company (according to NASSCOM) following their hostile takeover of Mindtree in 2019. LTI smashed the one star review and recruiter categories with 373 and 223 respectively.

What People Are Saying

“They lie, they are not professional. False letters are created by employees of an organization. They got raided from USCIS office to uncover their lies.”

— Former Employee – Program Director in Edison, NJ

“I will never work for an Indian company ever again. This is a disorganized mess of a company. There is a caste system within the company as well as in their culture. You’re basically OK…if you’re indian. If you’re not, you’re SOL. Even worse if you’re a woman. Ugh!”

— Current Employee – Lead

  1. Mphasis Limited

Our new top ranked bodyshop is the #7 Indian IT services company located in New York, NY. Mphasis rode solid scores in both one star reviews (270) and recruiters (240) to the first place spot. An incredible 175 reviews on Glassdoor mentioned their worst in class bench policy.

“Mphasis have a very worst bench policy, they will pay only for 2 and half month with full salary, if u dont get projects even till 2.5 months, then it will be no pay till 6 months, this policy have been implemented from 2009, no pay period is called sabbatical, the HR doesn’t take necessary steps to deploy the bench resources, once if the emplyee moves to sabbatical the HR team doesnt care about them.”

–Ragav Ved in Chennai

One of the office photos on Glassdoor captioned “Hostel(Free)” looks like a college dorm room. Mphasis appears to be operating a training center similar to Miracle Software Systems where they train those lucky enough to be “called” for that year’s “batch”. Reviews complain about lack of wifi in the hostel.

Mphasis Hostel (Free!)

Don’t forget to take a look at the Bodyshop Report on Google Sheets. We have added top 10 lists for scoring categories in addition to the top 10 by city. Thanks for reading and we will see you again next week!