H1B Bodyshop Report – Sept 14, 2020

Welcome to the third week of the Bodyshop Report! Since last week we have added fifty new bodyshops, bringing the total to one hundred. There are a few changes in the top 10: USM Business Solutions, Intone Networks, HTC Global Services, and IntraEdge are out; iTech US, Tanisha Systems, NIC InfoTek, and ValueLabs are in. Hanging on to the top spot for a second week in a row is Miracle Software Systems. Since we do not have a new #1, let’s take a look at some of the other bodyshops in the top ten:

#2. iTech US

iTech US slides into the #2 spot just two points behind first place. iTech scored high in the recruiting categories with 218 total recruiters (most), 8 bench recruiters, and 32 US IT “night shift” recruiters (2nd most). In addition to their Vermont headquarters, iTech US has regional offices in Edison, NJ, Herndon, VA, Dallas, TX, and Hyderabad, India. iTech is one of the bodyshops that sued USCIS for $350 million over visa fees.

#3. Technosoft Corporation

Technosoft moves down from #2 to #3. Technosoft scored high in one star reviews (116) and recruiters (137). Here are a few of the review titles on Glassdoor:

  • “Body shaping company”
  • “Bad managment – Pure body shoppers”

#4. Prokarma

Prokarma moves down #3 to #4. Prokarma likewise scored highly in one star reviews (70) and recruiters (86).

#5. Reliable Software Resources

RSR moved down one spot from #4 to #5. Reliable scored highly with 92 recruiters including 5 bench sales and 10 US IT recruiters. Reliable is one of the top OPT abusers in the country, paying below minimum wage salaries to OPT workers who make $5 to $15 an hour. I suppose the OPT workers should consider themselves fortunate to be getting paid at all, unlike benched workers who are illegally not being paid any salary by RSR.

#6. Marlabs

Marlabs moves down from #5 to #6, after landing at 1st place in the inaugural bodyshop report.

#7. Tanisha Systems

This Boston, MA based bodyshop enters the report at #7. Tanisha earned solid marks in the recruiting categories with 149 overall recruiters and 14 US IT recruiters. Tanisha steals 25% of everyone’s paycheck for themselves, plus an additional 10% for the first year.

#8. NIC InfoTek

NIC InfoTek based in Tampa, FL enters the list at #8, and was flagged by the keyword scrape with nine flagged words in reviews which no longer appear on myvisajobs.com, only a note that “194 reviews have been flagged and are under investigation.” This bodyshop purges bad reviews from the Internet to keep people from learning about what goes on inside of NIC InfoTek, such as:

  • Charging applicants $5,000 to file their H1Bs and then not actually filing the H1Bs.
  • Operating multiple shell companies (Keen Info Tek, Vemuri LLC, Nic Technologies, Lorshi Systems, et al)
  • Forging immigration documents and falsifying resumes.
  • Opening Tampa, FL office expressly to do payroll running, otherwise it sits vacant.
  • Giving preferential treatment to those from the “Kamma” caste who are treated like heroes in their guesthouses.

This bodyshop clearly has earned its spot in the top ten!

#9. ValueLabs

In the suburbs of Atlanta we find our #9 bodyshop of the week. ValueLabs has the highest number of one star reviews we have seen yet on Glassdoor with 221 one star reviews. Let’s look at the titles of a few of those reviews:

  • “Tell the truth you suckers”
  • “Never join United Airlines project. Join at your own risk”
  • “It’s not ValueLabs, it’s ValueLess Labs”
  • “Stay away from this HELLLLL….”

#10. Saxon Global

Finally at #10 we have Saxon Global. This company has filed multiple lawsuits against USCIS and their long list of H1B abuses was profiled in a Mother Jones article that takes you inside of one of Saxon’s guesthouse apartments where employees sleep on the dining room floor.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the body shop report! Hope you enjoyed it. Tune in again next week to see which bodyshops are in the top ten. If you want to explore the data in this week’s report, click the following link to view the spreadsheet in Google Sheets: