H-1Bs are marching in Florida, while White-Collar Workers and American Citizens are WORRIED about Foreign Interference and Influence on the American Congress.

“Floridians are Protesting”?
NO! “FOREIGNERS are Protesting”!

Correction! Immigration Voice has it wrong! Floridians are Siding with our American White-Collar Workers and Senator Rick Scott! These are FOREIGNERS, specifically H-1Bs and H4EADs from India, who are protesting in Florida with their kids!

Americans SUPPORT Senator Rick Scott’s block on S.386! S.386 forces a Major Change to  the American Immigration System!  White-Collar Workers of America OBJECT! NO S.386!

Meanwhile, DHS is increasing monitoring of the immigrants.

Are above H-1B rally participants going to be held accountable for their influence on the American Congress and American Senators?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced this week that it will expand its use of biometric data and DNA to verify family relationships during the immigration process.
The department said this week it will soon publish a proposed rule establishing new biometric data use protocols. Under the proposal, DHS would have the authority to require biometrics for any application or petition, a DHS official told CNN on Wednesday. Under current DHS regulations, biometrics are required only for applications involving background checks.
The new rule would give DHS officials wider authority for expanding technologies, ranging from voiceprints to iris scans, as well as technologies still in development, according to CNN.

“As those technologies become available and can be incorporated as appropriate, it gives the agency the flexibility to utilize them. And then it also would give the agency the authority down the road, as new technologies become available and are reliable, secure, etc., to pivot to using those, as well,” the official told the outlet.

“DHS plans expansion of biometrics, increased use of DNA for immigration,” BY ZACK BUDRYK

The department’s proposed rule would further allow DHS to collect DNA to confirm genetic relationships in cases where that is an eligibility requirement, CNN reported.

The department claims the results will be stored in immigrants’ official records but that raw DNA will not be kept. In some cases, the department would have the authority to collect U.S. citizens’ DNA.

“DHS plans expansion of biometrics, increased use of DNA for immigration,” BY ZACK BUDRYK