Rick Scott works for us, unlike Rubio

“Recently U.S. Sen. Rick Scott stepped up and objected to Sen. Mike Lee’s attempt to restart green cards for foreign workers, even while Americans are experiencing record unemployment. Lee tried to sneak the package through using unanimous consent, meaning if no one objected it passed. Mr. Scott objected, and we owe him our thanks for trying to help citizens to return to the workforce, when it is apparent Sen. Marco Rubio and others couldn’t care less.

It has come to my attention the main Indian lobby is targeting Mr. Scott because they want more green cards for their workers, even though our countrymen have suffered devastating job losses.

You can help. Please email the lobbyists at immigration voice.org, or mail them at 1177 Branham Lane, San Jose, CA 95118. Let them know now is not the time to expand foreign worker programs in the United States.

It is time to speak up for our citizens and let Mr. Scott know we appreciate his efforts on our behalf.”

By Dan Scallion, Citrus Springs
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