OBGYN Denied Residency Opportunities Because of Graduation Year?

I was a professor of OBGYN in Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, the First and largest  Medical School and teaching hospital in the Middle East .

I finished residency, Masters and PhD of OBGYN in Cairo University/Egypt also a Fellowship of Reproductive Endocrinology in Cochin Hospital , Paris /France.

I got married to an American Citizen and was planning to move to live with him in the US, but faced with the fact that I cannot practice medicine before passing the USMLE exams.

I stayed in my home country and studied for the USMLE while working a full time Job Physician and caring for my kid and my ill father.

I passed all the steps 1, 2, and even step 3 USMLE and then I decided to move to the US after 9 years marriage .

I applied for the match 3 successive years paying more the $3000 each year without  a single interview ,why? Because the programs filter my application according to the year of graduation.

I tried to search for a healthcare job , I emailed hospitals and universities  more than 100 emails per day and either no reply or you are not licensed to work for this position  even as a medical assistant   what a shame !

Now my marital life is on the verge of breakdown, I am thinking to go back home to practice as an ObGyn, leaving everything in the US.


Anonymous MD