U.S. Doctor Asks for Residency, Employment, and Dignity -American MD’s story!

I am a US Citizen and graduated from a well-known medical program. To this date, I have not been given the opportunity to enter into a federally funded residency program in the U.S. Without a residency training position, I’m not able to practice medicine, obtain a healthcare provider license number, nor can I pay back my federal government loans. I graduated from UAG School of Medicine (UAG SOM). Never failed any clinical/coursework at UAG SOM. Passed my United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) in order to become eligible to enter a federally funded residency-training program. I’ve spent over ten thousand dollars applying to residency programs in order to get a job post-medical school so I can provide for my family and pay my federal loans. Today, I owe approximately four hundred thousand dollars in federal loans, 400k!!! Every year federal loan interest piles on due to me being jobless/left without a federal residency training position.

I am just ONE of the THOUSANDS of American doctors who are not accepted into federal training positions. Foreign doctors are being given residency positions over Americans. I cannot believe I even have to draft a letter to the White House or President in regards to this occurring in the USA. In every other country/nation in the world, native doctors are given preference. Just in the year 2020, over four thousand foreigners were issued visas to begin a federal residency training position. Meanwhile, just shy of six thousand Americans were denied federal training positions. There is a lot of losing going on here . . . foreign country loses out on their investment into the foreign medical student, the foreign country has a shortage of doctors during a pandemic, the American medical students are jobless, and most American patients prefer a native medical doctor to foreign doctors. In short, the only winner is the greedy foreign doctor on a visa who fled their country, family, and culture all for monetary gains.

In summary, the ECFMG states there is a doctor shortage in the USA when there is no doctor shortage. The ECFMG also claims there is a shortage of high-quality doctors in the USA and they do this because they make millions every year off of foreign doctors due to fees and etc. being processed by the ECFMG. I plead to you, please stop exempting H1B medical professionals and expand your immigration ban to give American doctors a fighting chance at residency, employment, and dignity. Most of all, allow me to give/provide my daughter and family a decent future.




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