Unmatched US-IMG- Hire American Doctors First!

I graduated from a Medical Academy in Ukraine, with a Pediatric Surgery residency. I have spent thousands of hours in the OR working overtime. In the US, I have passed all the required Step exams including USMLE Step 3 to become ECFMG certified. Worked as a Surgical assistant where I have seen and assisted with all types of surgeries, covering every possible human system.

I also work as a GI assistant in the Digestive health department with the Chicago Advocate Medical system, where I assist with regular basic and interventional procedures, simultaneously I participated in a research study with Colo-rectal surgeons that are going to be submitted as an international study guide on an ACGME approved educational guideline for the topics we presented. With all that I didn’t Match.

I can see myself only as a practicing doctor in this country, a country that has a tremendous shortage of doctors in multiple communities where I am and many like me willing to help. This country has to help its own citizens first and then supplement empty residency spots if they will occur with -J1-H1 visa holders and not the opposite which is the current situation.