Unmatched Indian American Doc.

I am a US citizen who graduated from a foreign medical school in 2003 using federal funding (Stafford) having completed my required exams with ECFMG certification in 2005 with the Step 3 exam in 2008. I tried to secure a residency position in Primary care or Psychiatry and was denied an opportunity. I was born in India, and grew up in USA. I completed my entire education in the USA from Kindergarten up to college having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Louisville.

I have externship experience with publications from voluntary research. I have been unsuccessful in securing a PGY1 position in a categorical program pursuant to medical licensure in this country. I have spent the last 13 years working various temporary jobs; the last 4 of which I have been with a healthcare company that pays barely a living wage. I have been through frustrating and disappointing times since I became qualified to train in postgraduate medical education. I have suffered from clinical depression which contributed to a divorce after 3 years of marriage to a woman I met in medical school. I am deep in student debt.   I am desperately seeking any assistance you can offer to leverage my candidacy for an opportunity to become trained and licensed.

Each year more and more US citizen applicants go unmatched as J1 applicants are granted more positions. Many of these foreign-trained doctors choose to remain in the USA using the J1 waiver option.  I feel that it is a detriment to the countries of these applicants as they are drained of their doctors.  The number of unmatched US citizen applicants has increased. These individuals have studied using federal govt loans. The use of Medicare funding to train foreign physicians is utterly preposterous in spite of the ever-present debacle of unmatched US citizens. I am asking you for your assistance.

Thank you for your time,

Raj R. M.D.